Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Husband the Innovator

Anyone who knows Jared knows that he is quite the handy man. He can build or fix just about anything. This has been both a blessing and a curse. For example, a few years ago our roof leaked, a lot. Jared refused to let me call a "professional" and claimed he could do it himself. After a lot of tension, a tarp nailed to our roof, and a hole in my living room, I think it is finally fixed. Although, I cringe a little every time it rains. Jared has also saved us and many friends and neighbors a lot of money with his handy skills. I had a friend ask me if Jared knew anything about installing water heaters. I was pretty doubtful, but told her I would ask. Randomly enough, he did know how to install it and saved them the installation fee. Jared's famous line is "I could make that", whenever he sees something that he likes. I will admit that I have used Jared's skills to make many things for me. Remember the cows he made for Enrichment.

Well a couple of weeks ago Jared decided that he wanted to make a train to pull behind the 4-wheeler. The kids had seen one of these at Staheli Farm, and were really excited when Jared told them he was going to make one. One thing I have learned about Jared is that when he gets an idea in his head, he has to get busy on it right away. It only took him about a week to get the whole thing put together. It turned out awesome, and lets just say that he is the most liked parent in the neighborhood now.

The kids from our neighborhood, and a few who weren't, were lined up in our circle for hours getting on and off the ride. We had such a fun time.

Seeing how well this little project turned out, and how easy it seemed to be for Jared to make, just reminds me of how lucky I am to be married to such a handy man. Jared works so hard to make us happy and to provide for us. I love you babe.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween seemed to be a lot of work this year, but was still a lot of fun. With all the parties we went to, we put the kids in their costumes four different times. They were really good sports and wore them really well. Even Traxton kept his on a lot better than I thought he would. Ashten was little Bo Peep, with Traxton being her little lamb, and Treyson was a bull fighter. We got tons more candy than we need and sadly I will probably end up eating most of it. I need some self control.

Ashten and Treyson both had little parades at school and loved wearing their costumes around for everyone to see.