Monday, May 30, 2011

Finish Line or Bust!

Last weekend I ran a midnight 5K with my mom, aunt, and sister. I have been wanting to do one for a long time, but never thought I could. My sister called me a week before the race and asked if I wanted them to sign me up. I nearly had a panic attack because it only gave me one week to train, but I told them "yes" anyway. I ran with my friend every morning for the week and was excited, but also really nervous for the real thing. I was afraid I would need medical assistance.

The run was awesome. They had over 700 participants and everyone ran with glow sticks around them. I felt really good while I was running and I did a lot better than I anticipated. I am really proud of myself for doing it and we are even looking at running another before the summer is over. Hopefully my time will even improve with more than seven days of training.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Graduation Day

Because of Traxton's hearing loss, he has qualified for services from "The Learning Center for Families". Since he was about six months old we have had therapist come into our home to help with speech and language skills as well as to monitor his developmental milestones. We have learned and benefited so much from having them come. Both Traxton and I have developed bonds with each of the women who have come to teach us over the last few years. I especially have cried a few times when they have made changes and assigned us a new therapist, but with each change we were given what we needed and learned even more valuable skills.

Because Traxton will turn 3 next month, he will graduate from the Early Intervention program from TLC and will move on to the preschool with the school district. This is a very big step for us. Instead of having therapist come into our home and work with him and me together, he will go to preschool and work in the school setting. I have so much anxiety over this transition. I have been center stage with him from the beginning, and now I feel like I have to give up some control and trust that he will continue to get the help he needs to catch up to his peers with his speech and language. He has made so much progress, but he is still behind with his vocabulary and articulation of sounds. All I can hope is that this is a positive experience and he can continue to progress.

Last week TLC had a graduation ceremony for the kids turning three. Traxton was adorable. He put the gown right on and even wanted to wear the hat. He got really frustrated because it was windy and his hat wouldn't stay on his head very well, but he still was so cute.

Stefani is on the left and she was our very first therapist. That poor lady came to us when Traxton was a baby and I was a mess. She was absolutely Heaven sent. I will love her forever for the strength she gave me. Diana came to us at exactly the perfect time. I was struggling once again with feelings of innadequacy and not knowing which path to choose for our little boy. She flooded us with information and helped us decide what would be best for Traxton's hearing. Traxton responded so well with Diana. He knew when she came it was time to settle down and work. I had never seen him make so much progress in such a small amount of time.
Ashley is one of our speech therapists right now and I get so excited when she comes because she is so amazing. I think of her more like one of my family members who is personnally invested in Traxton's future. She is so upbeat and creative and always so much fun. I was so excited to see her at the graduation.

I am so grateful for the services we have been given by TLC. I think they have helped me deal with challenges just as much as they have helped Traxton. They have been a resource for me to go to with questions and each one of his therapist have been a shoulder for me to cry on at one point or another.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Stuck like Glue!

3 kids and 9 years later; I love you more than I did the day we got married. Happy Anniversary babe!

P.S. How did we get so Old?