Friday, September 30, 2011

Summer Reunions

I'm really behind with my blogging of our family reunions. This past summer we went to the Bundy Reunion and the Taylor Tentout. We stayed at the Bundy Reunion for almost a week and had such a fun time. I love going out a few days before the activities start just so we can relax and enjoy camping before there are literally over a thousand people around. This year Jared and Talen went out a few weeks before the 4th of July to do some clean up and projects around camp. They decided it would be fun to build a tree house for the kids. They also attached a pipe to it to make a slide. The tree house was a huge hit and the kids spent hours playing in it. It wasn't just our kids either, a lot of stray kids showed up to play on the "playground".
Our family had a good year with the activities this year. Ashten and I won the roping contest and both Ashten and Treyson won the BB gun shooting in their age group. The dance was also a lot of fun this year. The kids were old enough to actually stay awake for a while and enjoy dancing.
Everything about the Bundy Reunion is always so much fun for me. It is so rich with tradition and I am so excited for my kids to enjoy some of the same things I enjoyed doing as a kid.

The end of August we went to Wayne County for our annual Taylor Tent out during the Wayne County Fair. It is always a lot of fun to get together with Jared's family for the weekend. The kids run around and play together so well. This year I signed up to run in their 5K and ran my fastest time of 28:01. We love going to the parade and stocking up on our sugar for the week. I love small town parades!
Grandpa Taylor sent the kids out to collect soda cans and then set up an assembly line to smash them all. Surprisingly, they had a lot of fun working together. Our unexpected project for the weekend was digging up the sewage tank because it was blocked and causing problems. That was not so much fun, but kind of enjoyable to watch the guys work in the mess.
We had a great time hanging out with family and are so lucky to have each of them.