Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lysol Anyone?

We have had a very bad case of the sickies at our house for the past week. Jared came down with the flu and was sick in bed for four days. I was sick for a day and now our kids are sick. Traxton got so bad that I finally took him into the pediatrician. Apparently he has an ear infection. I hope his ears can handle more stress. To make the whole situation better we were planning on going camping with my family this weekend, but instead I'm home with cranky, sick kids. I am totally bummed about our plans being cancelled, so today I decided to clean the sick germs out of my house. I guess I should have done it before now and maybe our whole family wouldn't have been wiped out. I am still sad about being left behind and would much rather be riding 4-wheelers in the great outdoors, but at least when everyone else gets home and has to clean up from their weekend adventure my house will already be clean. Hopefully my kids will feel better by then too.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Baja, Mexico Cruise

Jared and I went on a cruise to Baja, Mexico with some friends, Erik and Kourtney Kelder. It was such a fun time hanging out together and relaxing. I feel like we are hooked on cruises and could go about every year. There is nothing better than having someone make your bed every morning, unlimited amount of food at every waking moment, and experiencing another Country and culture. All while relaxing on the deck of a ship. We are definitely hooked!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Birthday Boys!

We had Jared and Treyson's birthday party yesterday and had a really good time. Treyson loved everything he got and was so excited about the "bee cake" that I made. Happy birthday guys.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Best husband award!

I am the enrichment leader in my ward and when we have a big activity I tend to get a little stressed. Actually that is an understatement! Last week we had our Relief Society birthday which always takes a lot of work. When I have these big activities, Jared always is amazing. He is not only patient with me, but he also helps in so many ways. Sometimes I actually think he is a better assistant than I could ever find on my own. Last week he made me three cows out of wood and a fence for decorations for my night. It was a huge success and everyone raved on how good everything looked. Jared is always so supportive and it makes such a huge difference for me to fulfill my calling. I love him so much and am so grateful for his love and help. Love you babe and thanks for all your help.

These are the cows Jared "whipped out" for me.