Saturday, October 29, 2011

Autumn Time

I love Autumn! I love when the weather starts to cool down and I can put my fall decorations out. I love when the kids can start playing outside again after the horrible heat of summer. I love the feel in the air as the holidays are approaching. I just love Autumn!

A couple days ago we took the kids to Staheli Farm to go through the corn maze. The weather was really cold, but we had a really fun time. Ashten and Treyson loved running through the maze and choosing the path for us to take. We even made it through without getting lost too many times.

The kids were really excited to carve their pumpkins and did a great job helping. At first they were hesitant to touch the "guts", but eventually they dug right in and each cleaned out their own pumpkin. They told me what they wanted for their pumpkins features and I carved them. They all turned out really cute and we are excited to put candles inside and watch them shine.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Movers and Shakers

Last week my kid's school had their dance festival. I absolutely love this school tradition. The kids work for weeks learning their dances and then perform them for all us parents at the festival. It is always so much fun watching all the kids perform.

Treyson's grade did a little hula-hoop number and shook their little hips for the entire song. I couldn't believe how well they did. Treyson has some awesome shaking abilities.

Ashten's grade did a hip hop routine and it looked awesome. They actually were pretty insinc with each other, which made it look great. I am super proud of both Ashten and Treyson for doing so well at their dances. It made our night a lot of fun.