Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Creative Boys

I went into the garage one afternoon and found Treyson and Traxton just hanging out in the mess. They had converted the mattress pad and box into their beds and brought out some water and snacks. I laughed when I saw what they had done. Such cute boys. I love them both so much and love that they play together so well. Traxton idolizes Treyson and wants to do everything he is doing. I'm always telling Treyson to be a good example because Traxton is watching. I hope he will always remember to make good choices and be a good example for his little brother.

Mischievous little visitors

We had some sneaky little visitors wreak havoc at our house on the eve of St Patrick's day. They came in and left footprints all around our house.
They pulled out books and dumped out toys.
They pushed over chairs and even vehicles.
All to lead us to their pot of gold. Well, maybe it wasn't gold but some really cute great outfits and treats.
They even had to make a bathroom break before they left our house.

Hungry Ducks

When the kids were out of school for spring break, we tried to find fun things for them to do to occupy their time. We hadn't been to the golf course pond for a few years so I thought it would be fun to go and feed all the ducks. They all loved trying to get the ducks to come close to them for the bread, especially Traxton. He was so excited to see how many ducks there were.

It turned out to be the perfect activity to give the kids something fun and different to do on a free day from school. I'm so glad we have this fun place to go visit that's only minutes from our house.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Joint Birthday Party

We had Jared and Treyson's birthday parties together last month. I love being able to do them together. It is a lot of work to get everything ready, but it's nice to have two done with at the same time. Treyson got a remote control truck from grandpa and grandma and he has loved driving it around our neighborhood. Treyson also got a bee suit so he can help Jared at the bees and not get stung so much. He was so excited and tried it on right away. Traxton also had to try it on. He thinks he needs one now too.
We have such a great, supportive family. We love having them close enough to celebrate holidays with us.

Super Student

Treyson won an award for self improvement a few months ago. His teacher sent a note home informing me that they would read his name during an assembly the following day. He was so excited to hear his name read. He sat up really tall and looked around for everyone to see him. I was so glad to be there and witness his proud moment.

I am so proud of him for his hard work this year. He is such a good little reader and loves to learn new stuff and share what he has learned with me. I will miss him when he goes to school full-day next year.

Goofy Golfers

The kids had a day off school so we decided to use our free passes to Fiesta Fun. The wind was blowing and it was a little cold, but we still had a lot of fun. Golfing is definitely not our "thing" so we let the kids mess around and do whatever was needed to get their ball into the hole. It was quite comical for Jared and I to watch them hit the ball 30 times and then get really excited when it finally went in.

We also let the kids ride the go-carts. Because the kids were too short they had to ride the mini go-carts. They went so slow that Jared had to push them along. I thought Ashten was going to scream. She was so mad that her car was going so slow. She kept saying that she could walk faster. I'm pretty sure she could have too.

I love when we get time to spend together as a family and do fun little activities.

My Little Helper Boy

I made cookies for our Great to Be 8 Fireside and Traxton was so excited to help. I found him a little apron and he climbed on the counter to "help" with everything. Of course his favorite part was eating the dough off the beaters at the end. Now he thinks he needs to get his apron out anytime I start baking. I love my little helper boy.