Monday, August 29, 2011

School Boys!

Treyson just finished his first week of Kindergarten and LOVED it. He was so excited for school to start and has been ready for months. After his first day, I was really excited and asked him to tell me everything that happened. He rolled his eyes a little and said "mom, you're embarrasing me". Since when does a five year old get embarrased by his mom? Ever since then I have tried to play it cool and not make a big deal about him going to school. I would hate to embarrase him again.

He is such a good boy and I'm sure he will have a great year in kindergarten.Treyson and Mrs. Stewart. We were very glad to get her as his teacher.

*Traxton started preschool today and he handled going off on his own a lot better than I did. I have been very anxious about him going because he is my baby, but he did just fine. He walked right in and didn't even look back.
This boy has been ready for school ever since Treyson started last week. He was very upset that he wasn't the one going to school, and super excited to finally get to go today. I hope his excitement doesn't die off after he realizes he will be going to school almost everyday.

Waiting very patiently for class to start.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Birthdays and back to school

A couple of weeks ago Ashten turned seven. I thought I wouldn't have any issues about her age this year until my dad told her that she's half way to fourteen. Now that I have issues with!
For her birthday she has been telling me for months that she wanted to go bowling. I hate the bowling alley. It just radiates germs. I tried and tried but she wouldn't be talked out of it, so we loaded up all her friends and were off. They all had such a fun time. No one really cared about the score and each of the girls helped each other out. It turned out to be a really fun time.
Ashten is such a good girl and she will always help me out with her little brother. I love spending time with her, especially when it's just the two of us. Once in a while we will go on "girls dates" and her favorite thing to do is get pedicures. I love that I have a little girl to do fun things with.Ashten left for her first day of school today. She was really excited for 2nd grade. She has a really fun teacher and a lot of friends and neighbors in her class. It should be a great year for her. It's a little bit quieter at our house now that school started. For the next three weeks each of my kids will be starting school. Ashten today, Treyson next Monday, and Traxton the following Monday. It will be really strange that in three weeks, all of my kids will be gone four days a week for two hours. I am having an inner battle with my feelings of both anxiety and excitement for the alone time. I'm nervous to send Traxton to preschool on the school bus, but I'm also making lists of the projects I could get done in that time. We'll see how it all ends up.