Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas 2012

Our beautiful Christmas tree.  I had my dad get us another one so that my kids could decorate it with all their homemade ornaments.  That worked out so that everyone was happy.
 Traxton got a cape and wand from Santa.  He is so silly and loves to do "magic".
Playing the Boppit game.
Treyson is reading the letter that our elves Bobbie and Suzie left for the kids.  They went back to the North Pole with Santa.  They were fun and we will miss them.

 This was the first time the kids had seen the fire place open.  Since we were living in Aunt Margie's house, we didn't dare build a fire.  Traxton was so intrigued with how big and dark it was.  He kept shining his wand up the chimney to see if he could find Santa.

The kids got a little motorcycle and riding pants and boots.

 The kids also got ipod touches.  They spent most of the morning playing around on them. 

 Treyson caught on to the pogo stick really quick.
Ashten has rode Bladen's little motorcycle at the Bundy reunion, so she had no trouble learning how to ride her new one.  The problem is that she has gotten a little too comfortable and has started getting more daring with her "tricks".  She is a little thrill seeker.  Hopefully this little machine won't cost us too much in ER visits.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Dresses

Growing up my mom always made the girls Christmas dresses to wear to church the week before Christmas.  It was fun to get new church clothes and take a family picture.  I have tried to carry on that tradition.  Even though I don't make the dresses, and we have more boys than girls in our family, it's still called "Christmas dresses". 


Gingerbread Creations

Every year at Christmas time we decorate gingerbread houses.  It has turned into a really fun and creative tradition.  It is a challenge sometimes to come up with an original idea, but it's always fun to see what everyone designs. 
We created a tree house. 
 The kids all get their own small house to decorate.
Dally and Mike's house with a beautifully landscaped side yard.
 Mom and dad's igloo.
 Talen and Amber's breast cancer awareness house.

 Shaunelle and Dusty's log cabin.
 Trumbull's ranch house.