Thursday, April 28, 2011


I love Easter! I love everything about Easter. I love eating all the chocolate, decorating eggs, and I love being able to coordinate my family's church clothes with fun spring colors. I love that Easter means pretty flowers, green grass, and warmer weather. I love that it means new life. This year I not only loved the superficial side of Easter, but I experienced a spiritual high like never before. I was in charge of Sharing Time, so of course the resurrection of Christ was heavily on my mind. Our ward had the privilege of experiencing a sacrament program put on by the Special Needs Mutual. It was the most amazing thing to see this special group of youth singing and sharing their testimonies with us. There wasn't a dry eye anywhere. I love that I was able to feel the spirit so strongly and strengthen my testimony even more about the Savior and the absolute knowledge I have that He Lives. It was a wonderful Easter day.

After church we went to my parents for dinner and an egg hunt. The kids have a really fun time together and are such good friends. I love watching their excitement.

All the grandkids lined up in order of age.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Farwell Tonsils and Adenoids

Ashten has always been our noisy sleeper. I don't remember a time where she didn't snore terribly. I didn't think anything of her sleeping habits until the doctor looked in her throat a few months ago and said her tonsil are huge and that we should have them taken out. I took this as a "someday" and didn't really do anything about it. Over the last few months Ashten has caught every sickness that has come to town, and the doctor finally said that I needed to get her into the ENT and get her scheduled for surgery.

Last Wednesday was the big day. She was pretty nervous and kept asking a million questions about what they would do and how it would feel, but she did awesome. When they asked if she wanted some medicine to help her relax, she told them "no". I really didn't think she would need it, so I didn't make her take it. The surgery only took about 30 minutes and she was brought back to me. Her pain levels were really low the first day, but she must not have agreed with the anesthesia, because she threw up CONSTANTLY the whole day. It was really rough. I am glad she wasn't in any pain, because she couldn't keep anything in her stomach and I wouldn't have been able to give her any pain meds even if we would have needed it. Her favorite part was having the wheelchair ride to our car.

She is actually in more pain now than she was last week. The hardest part for us is making her stay on the soft diet. She has such a small amount of things that she likes to eat and most of them are crackers and pizza, which are off limits for a while. I bought a bunch of yogurt and applesauce before her surgery, but they are only being eaten by her brothers. She doesn't even want to have Popsicles very often. Most of our arguments have been over food.

She has done relatively well with the whole experience so far, but we will still need to be careful for the next week to prevent any bleeding. All we need is another ER visit!