Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tooth Fairy Visit

A monumental thing happened at our house a couple of weeks ago. Ashten lost her first tooth! We all have waited for this day for a very long time. All our kids were late teethers, so we weren't surprised when she was the only one in her kindergarten and 1st grade classes to not loose any teeth. It was a very stressful thing for her to be the only one the tooth fairy hadn't visited yet. When she showed me her loose tooth on Valentine's day, I was so excited that I started screaming and jumping up and down. I felt like it was just as big a deal for me as for her.

That night we went to my parent's house to do our Valentines activities, and everyone wanted to "help" get her tooth out. Poor girl had her dad, grandpa, and two uncles conspiring against her to get it out. It was a very dramatic thing, where all the younger cousins watched with huge concern. I think they were a little traumatized.

After a while Ashten wouldn't let anyone's hand in her mouth, except her own. When she was wiggling it, grandpa scared her, causing her to jerk her hand away and take her tooth with it. There was so much yelling and excitement that baby Addison started screaming too. Ashten is the first grandchild to lose a tooth, so everyone was super excited for her.

Ashten losing her tooth added to the fun and excitement of Valentine's day. I tried to tell her how neat it was for her to get to share her experience with almost all of her family. I hope she will always remember the fun story of losing her 1st tooth. *I made this little pillow months ago in anticipation of our tooth fairy visit. It has a little pocket to put the tooth while you sleep, until the tooth fairy comes and trades it for money.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Green Dino Box

Traxton needed a Valentine's box for his preschool party, so we made a green dinosaur. He was so excited!!! He would run into the kitchen every few minutes when I was working on it to check on the progress. He would just giggle and smile. When it was all completed, Traxton said, "love it, mom". It just about melted my heart and made all my time more than worth it. I would make dozens more to get that same response.

He has been anxiously waiting for today to take his "dino box" into school. When I dropped him off, he proudly carried it into his class to show his teacher. It was very rewarding for me to see his excitement over something I made. I loved it probably more than he loved his "green dino box."

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Self Improvement Award

Treyson was given an award at school for demonstrating self improvement. His teacher sent a note home informing me that they would award him the next day, so I went in to watch. He was so excited when they called his name. It was so cute to see him get a huge smile on his face. He was so proud.

Treyson is such a good boy and he absolutely loves kindergarten. He loves having his own homework to do and he has become such a good little reader. Because all our kids go to school at different times, Treyson and I have a few hours at home together. I have loved getting to spend one on one time with him. He is always willing to help me and loves being in charge of things. He loves to tease his brother and sister, which drives me crazy most days, but he also can make me laugh just with his facial expressions. In the mornings after I do his hair I always tell him how handsome he looks. I know he loves it when I tell him that, but he just makes the goofiest faces. I love so many things about him and am so thankful he is mine.

My little baker

I had to make some sugar cookies for a primary activity and Traxton was the only one home with me, so he got to be my big helper. He loved when I pulled an apron out for him to wear. He loved even more getting to eat the beater without sharing with anyone. I love my little guy so much and am so thankful that he still is a momma's boy. My favorite thing ever is when he comes up to me and says in a super sweet voice, "my mom". This happens multiple times a day and I cannot say how much a love it!!! I love him.

Golfing Fun

A few weeks ago we took the kids miniature golfing and we had a really fun time. They sped through the course, while Jared and I took our time and was actually able to play a fun game as well.

After we finished golfing, we let the kids ride the go-carts. Because the kids were not big enough to drive the normal go-carts, they had to ride the mini ones. They went super slow!!! Ashten was less than thrilled to be driving so slow. The look on her face made me laugh, because she could have gotten out and walked faster than her car was driving.

I love doing family activities where we can get out and play. Next time we will remember how slow the mini go-carts go and ride the real ones.