Thursday, July 15, 2010

Diaper Free Zone!

We are officially a diaper free zone at our house. Yeah!!! A couple of weeks ago I decided to potty train Traxton. I have been planning on potty training him during the summer for months. Although, as the summer started I was having stress on when would be the perfect time to stay near the toilet for days at a time. Somehow I wasn't able to find a time where we didn't have something scheduled that would prevent me from directing every ounce of attention to Traxton and his bodily output. Finally, I decided to just do it and hope for success. I sent Jared and the big kids away for a Saturday, and Traxton and I literally spent the whole day in the bathroom. I am not exaggerating when I say that he sat on the toilet for over four hours straight. Poor kid! Who would have known that he had the largest bladder in America? I had to eventually get him off the toilet just so that I could use it. Since he rarely even went pee that day, we didn't have too many examples to learn from. He had quite a few accidents in the next couple of days and I was beginning to wonder if we weren't ready. I also was missing my happy little boy since pretty much all he would do on the toilet was cry.

On day four of our potty training extravaganza we headed out on a four day camping trip. I was so worried about how camping would affect the little progress he had made, but it turned out to be the best thing ever. He suddenly understood the concept and had no problem with "watering the trees".

It has been almost two weeks since we started in the big boy pants and he has been amazing. I could probably count how many accidents he has had on one hand and I absolutely love not having to change dirty diapers anymore. I am so excited to have this milestone past us and I gotta say his little bummie in underwear is the cutest thing ever.