Friday, April 23, 2010

Our Super Soccer Star!

Ashten has been playing city league soccer the past couple of months and it has been so much fun for us. Aunt Dally plays soccer for Dixie High school, and of course Ashten wants to do what she does. I have to admit that I was a little worried about how it was going to be. Everyone who knows me can easily say that I am a little bit competitive. I wanted to be able to go to her games and not make her feel like she was under a lot of pressure to be awesome. I also know that she got her super fast speed from her mom, ha ha, so I worried about how aggressive and into the game she would be. Well, she is not the fastest player on the field, but she has been so fun to watch. She is always right into the action and even can look ahead to where the ball might be going. The hardest part for me is when she is the goalie. For some reason she loves playing that position and it is so stressful for me. The first time she played goalie it didn't go too well, but every time she missed a block she would look over at us and we would just smile and give her a thumbs up sign. That's what parents are suppose to do, right? This week she volunteered to be the goalie again and I was amazed with how good she did. She was so aggressive and not afraid to jump on the ball at all. She literally did jump on the ball to save it from going in. They didn't score at all on her. I was one proud momma! She has made two goals and has totally loved being a little soccer player. I wish I could say that I have taught her everything she knows, but thanks to dad and aunt Dally's Sunday practices at grandma's house she is turning into quite the little player.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Easter

We had a really fun Easter weekend with lots of family, candy, and belly aches. Jared's sister was in town, so on Saturday we decorated eggs and had a little egg hunt. The kids are all about the same age so it is always a lot of fun to spend time with them.
The excitement for Sunday morning was that the Easter bunny brought us a trampoline. The kids were so excited and it has been a blast so far. I loved being able to stay home and watch conference on Easter and to hear some of the talks focus on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. I also loved the fact that I didn't have to compete with the sugar highs with every child in primary.
We went to my parents for dinner and had another egg hunt. My mom had different sections for the big kids and little kids to hunt, which worked out really well. The kids also got silly string in their baskets and loved chasing everyone around. Even the adults got into the silly string action. I always love the Easter holiday and the warm weather that usually accompanies it. Too bad the warm weather doesn't last longer before it turns blazing hot.

Grandpa and the kids in our traditional Easter photo.