Sunday, August 5, 2012

Graduation Day

Treyson graduated from Kindergarten this year. They had a cute graduation program for the kids and their families. They sang a bunch of songs they learned this year and then received their kindergarten diplomas. He looked so cute and proud of himself when they called his name. I am so proud of how hard Treyson worked in school. He is a smart little guy and loves to learn. He is always asking me to quiz him on addition and even multiplication. I will miss him when he starts school full-day.
Treyson and his teacher, Mrs. Stewart.

Ashten's Animal Shop

At the end of the school year Ashten's class had a little market day where they were suppose to make items to sell with their class money. I found some cute patterns online and we made a bunch of animals for her to sell. They turned out so cute and apparently were a huge hit doing the market. She was sad that they sold so fast and then she had to close down her shop.

Angel's Landing

For Jared and my 10th anniversary we spent the weekend in Zion Canyon. We stayed there a night on our honeymoon, so it was nice to go back ten years later. We had dinner at a nice restaurant and spent the night walking through town and visiting the little shops. We really enjoyed the slow pace the town provided. The next morning we got up and rode the shuttle up the canyon to hike Angel's landing. The weather was perfect since we started early, and there wasn't too many hikers yet. The view was just as beautiful as I had remembered. We wanted to see how long it would take us to get to the bottom, so we ran the whole way down. It was actually easier to run than walk with the steep decline and we made it down in 40 minutes. I love getting away alone with Jared. It's so nice to be able to have an entire conversation without being interrupted by kids.

Spring Dance Recital

Ashten has been taking dance for a couple of years now and has gotten really good at it. She doesn't love it, but she does it because I want her to. I guess that's the perk of being the mom. She actually only goes without complaining because I told her she can't play baseball if she doesn't do dance as well. Jazz is her favorite, but she does really well with ballet and tap also. I realize she may not want to continue dancing forever, but I will try to prolong her lessons as long as I can.

Here Fishy Fishy

We took the kids fishing at the Coral Canyon fish pond for a family outing and it was so much fun. Jared was such a good sport!!! Fishing is not our expertise, but Jared worked so hard to make sure everyone's line was in the water. At times, he wanted to throw the fishing poles in the pond and drive away, but he was patient and let the kids enjoy themselves.
Treyson was our master fisherman. He knew just when he had a fish on the line and when he needed to reel it in. He caught four fish! We had such a fun time on our easy little family outing.

Little Athletes

Ashten and Treyson played both soccer and baseball this Spring. It was a little crazy at times to be at both games when they were playing at the same times, but we made it work and had a lot of fun supporting them.
They both enjoyed soccer, but baseball was their favorite. They both could hit the ball really well and Ashten got a few people out on base too. I love watching them progress and enjoy learning how to play sports.

Easter 2012

My family is such good sports when I always ask for a family picture before church in our new Easter clothes.
Easter morning the kids all got some fun stuff and cute new outfits from the Easter bunny.
Traxton got a new pair of mud boots because he literally walked holes in his last pair. This kids loves his mud boots and wears them everywhere.
Our grandkid picture with Grandpa keeps growing. They don't fit on our little bench anymore.
Ashten and Oaklee.
The kids all getting ready for their big Easter egg hunt. Grandma and Grandpa work really hard to hide all the eggs for the kids.
This year we had a pinata and the kids thought it was the coolest thing ever. They all got a turn hitting at it before it broke and the candy went flying.