Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sad Day

On Nov 12, 2012 our sweet Heidi dog was ran over and killed.  We have had her for almost 10 years and she was a huge part of our family for so long.  She had five litters of puppies and was an incredible mother to each of them.  She loved our kids and was very protective of them as well.  We still miss her!
The hardest part of her accident was telling the kids what happened.  It broke all our hearts. 
 We decided to bury her down off the hill so the kids could visit her little grave whenever they want. 

 A little look back of our sweet Heidi.  She's pregnant with her last litter and getting ready to pop.
 She had five to seven puppies every time she delivered. 
Camping with us in Kolob in 2007.
 Enjoying the shade with Treyson in 2007
Traxton with one of Heidi's puppies. 2011

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