Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ashten's Baptism

Ashten got baptized and confirmed on Sep 1, 2012 by Jared.  She had such a special day surrounded by family.  She is such a sweet little girl who is kind and loving to everyone.  She is very responsible and is the perfect big sister.  Treyson and Traxton know she is there to help them whenever they need anything.  She has the silliest, most contagious, raspy little laugh and she loves to tell stories about everything that happens to her.  She goes in depth with every last detail so you have no choice but to feel like you were also experiencing what she did.  Ashten is also a perfectionist and tries to please everyone, especially me.  She loves sports and everything active.  Ashten is the most perfect daughter we could ask for and we love her so much. 
Grandma Bundy made both her blessing and baptism dresses.  It has been really neat to have these white, special dresses made especially for her. 

 Ashten with Grandma and Grandpa Bundy
Ashten with Grandma and Grandpa Great
 Ashten with Grandma and Grandpa Taylor
 Ashten with Aunt Margie

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