Monday, January 6, 2014

Youth Conference Pioneer Trek

In June 2012 Jared and I were able to be "Ma and Pa" for a group of kids in our stake for their youth conference Trek. I was so excited to get this opportunity. Jared knew I always wanted to be apart of this since I went as a youth and loved it. He was so sweet and signed us up as soon as he got word that a trek would be happening. We had such an amazing, spiritual experience. We started at the Pine Valley chapel and trekked down to the town of Central. Our kids were awesome and we loved every minute of our experience. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
We had to choose a family after an ancestor who was a pioneer. We chose Anciel Twitchell. He traveled West with the early Saints and marched in the Mormon Battalion

Leaving the Pine Valley Chapel. Everyone was happy and ready to set out on our Trek.
Jared walked ahead of our handcart and moved as many rocks as he could. He worked so hard to make things easier for our kids.
Twithchell Family

Relaxing in a shady spot before it's time to start walking again.

I couldn't stand back and watch our kids work without helping push or pull along with them.

Stake President and Sister Doty leading the Youth and their handcarts.

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