Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Another Bee Sting

The hazards of being married to a beekeeper is that sometimes your kids get stung.  Traxton went with Jared to Wayne County for the weekend and on their way home they stopped to check on some beehives.  Traxton was asleep in the truck and got stung on the side of his nose.  Poor kid didn't even know what had happened. The good news is that we know for sure now that he isn't allergic to bee stings like Ashten is.  Thank Goodness!
He looks adorable even with a swollen eye.

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Phillip and Braidy Davidson said...

Poor kid. You're right; he is adorable even with a swollen face. He is just the cutest little kid. It must be kind of scary having the bees while knowing that Ashten is allergic.