Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mutton Bustin

Ashten and Treyson have always wanted to participate in the mutton bustin at the Dixie Roundup so this year we finally got around to signing them up.  Because there are so many kids who want to participate, they do a drawing for contestants each night.  Ashten drew out to ride and Treyson drew out to be a wooley fighter.  Treyson was really excited to dress up and chase the sheep around.  Ashten was super scared about riding.  We practiced riding a goat with Grandpa and uncle Bull and it didn't turn out so well.  She has always been super nervous around animals and when she fell off the goat, it hurt a little.  As it got closer to the rodeo, we talked about how she just needed to hold on as hard as she could then she wouldn't fall off and possibly get hurt. 
Waiting for the mutton bustin to start.
Getting dirt out of her pants after the big ride. 
Treyson serious about chasing the wild wooley's.

 Ashten ended up riding over half way down the arena and won 1st place.  It was so exciting to watch her do so well and overcome the fear that she had. 

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