Monday, January 6, 2014

Bundy Reunion 2012

One of our favorite things all year is the Bundy Reunion.  We love to go out three or four days before it starts because it means more time relaxing.  The kids run and play with their cousins and have such a good time.  I love the fact that I don't have a million things pressing me in tons of different directions.  I can sit back and really enjoy my family. 
Treyson and Hudson roasting some marshmallows

The roping contest is always a big deal.  We have to practice for weeks so we might have a chance to win.  Ashten and I did really well this year and won our age groups. 
Apparently Traxton is easily distracted. :)
The kids also love the BB gun shooting. 
Ashten and Treyson both won 1st place.  They were so excited. 

We stuck all the cousins in our trailer to watch a late night movie.  They started out well and watched most of it. 

Then they crashed.  Hudson and Traxton were the only ones to see the ending. 
Jared playing phase 10 with the kids.
Everyone either loves or hates the races.  I grew up absolutely hating them, so I understand the stress it puts on my kids sometimes.  I try really hard to make it fun and not a big deal. 

All dressed and ready for the dance.

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