Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Long Beach Island, NJ

Grandma-Great rented a beach house on Beach Haven, NJ and invited everyone there for vacation.  We were so excited to be able to take the kids to the beach. 
We had an early morning flight out of Las Vegas and we thought the kids would sleep.  They apparently were way too excited to close their eyes.  They were great little travelers and were in charge of their own bags.  They wheeled them through the airport like pros.
They kids were a little unsure about the salt water, but eventually got used to it and learned to keep their eyes and mouths closed. 
They found the boogie boards at the house and used them for hours everyday.

Traxton loved playing in the sand and building castles.

Love my boys!

Uncle Bud Herrmann took us for a ride on his boat.  The kids loved it, especially when he let them all have a turn driving.  

There were beautiful sunsets every night.

Berkley turned everyone into silly sand creatures.  The kids loved being covered with sand. 

 Even Grandma wanted to be a mermaid for a day!
Traxton had some troubles with one of his swimming suits.  It wouldn't stay on his little bum.  We decided we better change it before he got too sunburned. 

Building castles with Grandma.

We visited Barnegat Lighthouse.  It is on the southern tip of Long Beach Island.  It was really fun to learn about it and climb to the top of the lighthouse.


The Professional Boogie Boarders.
Treyson and Sil got the darkest tans!

Swimming in the ocean wore these two out.  

We drove past Taylor Ave all week and decided we needed a family picture by it before we left town.  We had such a fun week and were a little sad to leave.  It really made it hard when just a few months later hurricane Sandy ripped through this vacation town.  Looking at pictures of places we had been covered in rubble and sand was disheartening.  It has made us even more grateful that we took the time and spent the money to show our kids "back east".  


Lyndy Staheli said...

Fun picture to see. We were sad we moved two weeks before the big trip. It would have been fun to come over and see everyone. We sure loved our many trips to the shore.

Phillip and Braidy Davidson said...

I have never seen pictures from that trip. It sure looks like you all had a blast. And oh my goodness you all got tan!